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V.I.O. Team Makes POV Footage Worth Watching


The Internet is flooded with user-generated POV video—everything from pro athletes showing what their day looks like to shaky footage of beginner skiers snowplowing their way to YouTube glory. In a move to separate itself from other POV camera manufacturers, V.I.O. recently announced its first team of athletes and filmmakers, who use the company’s POV.HD video system to produce high-quality footage. The athlete list includes big mountain heavy hitters like skier Sage Cattabriga-Alosa and snowboarder Xavier de Le Rue.


Another new team member is Matt Hobbs, a filmmaker with Vital Films in Aspen, Colorado. Vital started by making ski films but has quickly expanded to a full-blown production company that works with MTV, NBC Universal, and ESPN. Their 2011 ski film, “If You Want To Fly,” will be available to download for free this month at vitalfilms.com. (Check out his take on the construction of a chairlift at Snowmass above, and videos from other team members below.) Mountain caught up with Hobbs to to find out how he’s using V.I.O. products to separate himself as a filmmaker, and why he thinks it’s important to use POV footage.


How long have you been a filmmaker?

I have been a filmmaker for the past five years. It started in high school for fun—I tried to study film in college but it only lasted half a semester because the school seemed too slow for me. I really just jumped into it. It’s been an experimental learning curve more then anything. But I love every minute of it because I am doing what I truly love.


What do you think about POV cameras/footage in general?

I think the standard POV shot is almost becoming too common today. I really don’t like seeing the same shot mounted to a person’s head over and over. For me, POV cameras let you get a shot that most broadcast cameras could never get. I am more interested in getting interesting and unique angles than standard POV shots.


What sets V.I.O. apart from the other options out there?

For me it’s all about image quality, hands down. The video on a V.I.O. is crystal clear, the menu options are endless, and the screen truly lets you see the image you are getting beforehand. It is peace of mind using V.I.O.—I know I will be getting top of the line shots. Also, the streamlined process of V.I.O. shooting in a .MOV format saves so much time in the postproduction process. The bottom line for me is that the footage actually looks like it was shot with one of my broadcast cameras. When you can actually have POV footage that compares to top of the line HD video, it’s a no-brainer for me. —Gavin Gibson


For more info on V.I.O., its POV.HD video system, tutorials, and highlight reels from team members, go to vio-pov.com.

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