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Time Tested Gear: DryGuy Warm N’ Charge


The Claim: Whether you’re standing along a slalom course watching your 7th grader bomb gates, or pedaling a fat bike down the Iditarod Trail in December, the Warm ‘N Charge keeps hands and fingers hot enough to function.

Field Test: The DryGuy does indeed pump out the heat over extended periods when hands normally suffer no matter how well gloved they are. I used mine on a 30-degree day while volunteer timing at my kid’s race, out walking the dog in a snowstorm, and on a chairlift when the temps dropped into single digits. Best feature: two different heat settings to accommodate for all of the above temperatures. I’d take off a glove, shove my hand in a pocket, and hold the candy bar size block while it warmed my fingers. Switch sides, repeat on the high setting for two hours (low lasts double that at least). Back at home it fully powered my iPhone (after recharging the block on my computer). Additional uses: keeping peanut butter sandwiches unfrozen (and therefore palatable) on long, freezing fat bike rides, and keeping said phone warm enough (in a chest pocket) to crank out some New Pornographers while skate skiing.

Why It’s Timeless: Because frozen fingers are painful—not to mention useless—and $40 is cheap for the promise of measurable warmth in the backcountry; dryguy.com  —Tracy Ross

From the Deep Winter 2016 issue.

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