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That’s a Wrap

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A cheering crowd lined the cobbled streets of Vail Village yesterday morning, clapping and hollering as 400 runners crossed the start line of the 10K Spring Runoff race on the last day of competition at the Teva Mountain Games. The noise quickly faded to the quiet rhythm of running shoes on paved path as we ran through the shuttered tents of the sponsor village. The pack found its stride on the dirt road leading up the mountain from Golden Peak. Then we stalled, bunched, and slowed to a hike as the course signs directed us up a steep pitch skiers know as the Golden Peak Race trail.


“This is about the pace I was planning to go, anyway,” one man said between heavy breaths. He drew laughs from the group tackling the 6.5-mile course with 1,800 feet of elevation gain. The strategy wasn’t far off for this writer and other enthusiastic amateurs. The pros meanwhile practically sprinted along the dirt roads and loamy singletrack through aspen groves. Josh Eberly nipped Ryan Hafer in a final kick to win the race in 53:01:00, while Laura Haefeli took the women’s crown in 1:00:39.


Across events and categories, the routes and challenges laid out by course organizers—when paired with a typical starting elevation of 9,000 feet—made the racing hard.. Mountain bike pro Georgia Gould (an Olympic hopeful) won the women’s XC race and the $3,000 prize on Saturday. Even she suffered. “The World Cup courses tend to be a lot shorter and more punchy; short, steep climbing and short downhills,” she said. “This is really a longer steep climb and then a sustained downhill, definitely a very different style of racing.”


Gould completed three laps of the 7.2-mile course in 2:02:20. On the men’s side, multi-time Teva Mountain Games champion, Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski of Boulder, Colorado, dominated the race and collected a $3,000 check with his winning time of 1:44:42. “Every year, the field here gets more competitive,” Horgan-Kobelski said. “You have some of the top national pros out here. This is one of my favorite events on the calendar, bringing together all the other outdoor sports.”


In the multi-sport Ultimate Mountain Challenge event, Sari Anderson and Josiah Middaugh notched commanding wins. It’s no empty accolade—over two days, contestants competed in a downriver kayak sprint, XC mountain bike race, 10K trail run, and a road bike time trial.


The festival was rocking through the weekend, with spectators and athletes moving between the IFSC Bouldering World Cup, the slacklining finals (14-year-old Alex Mason took the title), the ever popular dock dog competitions, kayaking and rafting at “the hole” on Gore Creek in the midst of the sponsor village, and a host of demos and giveaways.  —Olivia Dwyer 


Results—June 3, 2012
Ultimate Mountain Challenge
Josiah Middaugh, Vail, Colorado (3:42.17)
Tavic Macy, Evergreen, Colorado
Jay Luke, Littleton, Colorado
Sari Anderson, Carbondale, Colorado (4:20.47)
Gretchen Reeves, Avon, Colorado
Sarah Tarkington, Boulder, Colorado

10K Spring Runoff
Josh Eberly, Gunnison, Colorado (53:01.00)
Ryan Hafer, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Jeremy Freed, Boulder, Colorado
Laura Haefeli, Del Norte, Colorado (1:00.39)
Melody Fairchild, Boulder, Colorado
Sarah Pizzo, Denver, Colorado

Road Bike Time Trial
Tom Danielson, Boulder, Colorado (26:31:21)
Julian Kyer, Longmont, Colorado
Mara Abbot, Boulder, Colorado (32:44.47)
Kelli Emmitt, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Exteme Slacklining
Alex Mason, El Cerrito, California
Gappai Osugi, Tokyo, Japan
Michael Payton, Westminster, Colorado
Best Trick: Andy Lewis

Kayak Sprint
Bryan Kirk, Fayettville, West Virginia
Anne Hubner, Germany

Results—June 2, 2012
Vail Pass Half Marathon
Glenn Randall, Mesa, Colorado (1:23.23)
Morgan Arritola, Ketchum, Idaho (1:37.44)

Mountain Bike XC
Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski (1:44.42)
Georgia Gould (2:02.20)

IFSC Bouldering World Cup
Killian Fischhube, Austria
Sean McColl, Canada
Jan Hojer, Germany
Anna Stohr, Austria
Shauna Coxsey, Great Britain
Juliane Wurm, Germany
Alex Johnson, USA
Alex Puccio, USA

Kayak Freestyle
Stephen Wright, Walling, Tennessee
Clair O’Hara, Great Britain

Down River Sprint
Mike Dawson, New Zealand (22:52.31)
Martina Wegman, Netherlands (23:17.07)

Freeride Dual Slalom
Paul Basgoitia, Minden, Nevada
Aaron Chase, Glendwood, New Jersey

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