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That Bad Ass Chinook Pilot is My Brother-in-Law

You may have heard of this daring rescue of an injured Russian climber from the nose of Disappointment Cleaver on Mount Rainier last month. Somehow he’d broken a leg near the summit and was making his way down with grim but slow fortitude when rescue rangers and an Army Chinook decided to intervene.


My brother-in-law, Richard Bovey, is the pilot in command. The entire rescue was caught on video by a climbing party camped beneath the Cleaver. At one point, one of the videographers rhetorically asks where the pilots practice for such missions. While it’s true they train in the Mountain West, the stark reality is that they hone their skills in the mountains of Afghanistan.


Please take a few minutes to watch the incredible skill and bravery of the pilots, crew, and climbing rangers.


Our hearts go out to the families and friends of the members of the military who lost their lives in Afghanistan last week. —Marc Peruzzi

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