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Talking Next Year’s Trail Runners

Newton-running-Craig-AlexanderCraig Alexander (right) poses with a fan and the eye-catching Newton Running product. Photo by Olivia DwyerA crowd of fit, tanned runners graze on a luxe breakfast of bacon, eggs, and all the fixings at a downtown Boulder hotel Tuesday morning. Each sports Newton Running’s limited edition Gravity shoes. The black kicks pop with neon pink or green. Besides flashy shoes, Newton’s retailers came for an annual summit and the unveiling of the 2013 line. No photos allowed, but we can tell you that the colors are brighter than ever and there’s a toothy, lightweight trail shoe in the works.


Newton sponsored triathlete Craig “Crowie” Alexander attended the gathering. In 2011, Alexander became the oldest man to win an Ironman World Championship at 38 years old. It was his third title, capping a season of bad health and uncertainty. Here’s what Alexander had to say about his sport, staying on top as he gets older, and how he became a devotee of Newton shoes.


I bought a bike via a newspaper on a Wednesday, and I did my first triathlon that Sunday. I was a little rough around the edges.


The engine just gets better, but the chassis has trouble keeping up these days. But age is never a barrier if you have the motivation to compete, the desire, and the support network behind you.


It’s the body that becomes a limiting factor. You have to train smarter and pay attention to things you used to gloss over. I’m looking for half-percent improvements across the board.


I came down to Newton’s old Boulder warehouse to meet [co-founder] Danny [Abshire]. I put on the shoes, ran around the car park, and loved them. He said to go slow and short at first. I ran 20 minutes the first day, and it felt so good I ran 20 miles the next day.


My favorite workouts are the hard ones—the fast ones. Everyone knows that feeling, how good it feels to run fast. I like playing with pace a lot.


I was approached about a biography, but I’m young yet. There are still chapters to be written. —Olivia Dwyer


As the Crow Flies: My Journey to Ironman World Champion, by Craig Alexander and photographer Paul Robbins, documents Alexander’s rollercoaster 2011 season. Available October 2012 from VeloPress.

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