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Photography Lesson


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As the creative director for Mountain magazine, the bulk of my experience working with great photographers goes something like this: It’s late summer but we’re thinking deep winter, my desktop is cluttered with some of the best ski images from the past season, it’s sublime torture, like being a junkie in a pharmacy. The phone rings, it’s Lee Cohen and he says something like this: “It went OFF last year, I have so many superbangers from Alta and Snowbird to send you!” And I start to tremble. This happens every fall, I get the LeeTs—powder withdrawal.


So this year we invited Lee to come visit Taos, my local and favorite mountain, to document the enchantment—the ridge hikes, the tree runs, the red and green chile, and all the tequila-stained cantinas—for our 2013 Resort Guide. Lee’s not only a great powder-ski photographer, he’s also a terrific documentarian. And last weekend, I got to step away from the computer monitor and ride some lifts with the man himself. For a serious amateur photographer and avid ridge skier, it was a waking dream. Shoot fast, expose for the snow (it’s the true subject after all), preview test exposure before the athletes start, and always make sure they telegraph their turns with their hands. We’re going to need more pages in the Early Winter issue. Thanks, Lee.  —Dave Cox

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