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Outdoor Retailer: Day 4


Camelbak has redesigned its iconic water bladder to make mountain biking more comfortable. The Charge LR, available this fall, will have a bladder built for lumbar support, as you can see below. Compression cords on the hip belt cinch things down as you drink to prevent sloshing, and there’s extra cushioning in the back to prevent getting poked by your stowed multitool.



But that’s not all from Camelbak. The company has also developed a water filtration system using UV light rays that works in tandem with a 750 ml water bottle. The filtration housing can be submerged in water up to one meter for one hour, and the rechargeable battery will filter 10,000 bottles of water in its lifetime—that’s three per day for nine years. A user-friendly interface shows battery power and a timer to countdown the 60 seconds to safe drink water. Just press a button to activate the UV. Available next spring.


The Suunto Quest watch, coming this fall, is a tool that will help you build a training program and monitor heart rate, speed, distance, running cadence, and laps in real time. It works with Sunnto’s social network, movescount.com, where you can analyze and share training results, and download the workouts used by Suunto pros.



Gregory has branched out from backpacks to create a smarter kind of suitcase. The simple innovations in these make you wonder why no one else thought of it before. The handlebar is wider and more stable, to prevent that annoying roll when you encounter a curb. They’ve also removed the central stay in the frame, so you can pack flatter and more easily. The big strap on front will reach up and over a smaller bag on top to hold it in place.



Women’s outdoor clothing was a major trend at this year’s show, with most companies bringing out activewear dresses. Arc’teryx was no exception, introducing dresses across all three lines of women’s clothing. An increased female representation on their design team explains clothes so good looking they made me want to strip the mannequins and run.


That’s all for this year. Let us know what looks good and what you want to know more about. —Olivia Dwyer

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