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The New Outdoorsy Dating App

Move over Tinder. LuvBryd swoops into the online dating game to corner the urban dirtbag market.


Dating is like using a campground bathroom. Sometimes it goes really well but mostly it stinks.

Say you’re a city dwelling outdoor enthusiast. Like the rest of the single population, you’ve tried dating apps and sites, but you just can’t seem to find the mountain biking and climbing yin to your skiing and rafting yang. But have no fear, there’s light at the end of the canyon.

LuvByrd is a new dating site and app for metropolitan mountain folks who are keen to get outside. The site currently serves Denver, LA, New York, and Chicago. Using the dating platform is easier than buttoning your flannel: Choose your outdoor passions, interact with other likeminded singles via email and social media networks, and plan a rad adventure together. LuvByrd connects people with common interests, from mellow hobbies like hiking, walking, and cruising fixies to more extreme sports like backcountry skiing and skydiving…yes, skydiving—hey, it worked for Johnny Utah in Point Break.

Akin to those Hair Club For Men commercials from the early 1990s, LuvByrd CEO Mike Keshian is not just the founder; he’s also a client. Keshian met his serious girlfriend on the website. It was love at first belay. “It works and the outdoor community is psyched on LuvByrd,” Keshian says. “There was a missing piece to all of the other dating sites, nothing for outdoor enthusiasts. I joked with a buddy about starting Rafters Only or Plenty of Ski Bums…and then it kind of switched to actually building something for the entire community.”

Last February, Loveland Ski Resort hosted a LuvByrd chairlift speed-dating event. This past summer they organized a rafting trip. And now Keshian is planning a similar mixer at New Hampshire’s Crotched Mountain ski area. They’ll also be returning to Loveland for three events this winter. “We might try to break some kissing world records at Loveland,” Keshian says. “We’re going after the most kisses in an hour and the longest kissing chain in the world.” No news yet as to a breath mint sponsor. luvbyrd.com  —Paddy O’Connell

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