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All Mountain Powder Skis 2017: Völkl 100EIGHT

30 percent on-trail / 70 percent off-trail

volkl 100eight

If this was a Pure Powder category, the 100EIGHT might lose a spot or two in the general classification. But in All Mountain Powder it was our testers’ clear favorite. A milled 3D Ridge backed by carbon fiber stringers shed excess material, keeping this Völkl lightweight and floatacious in powder. And a fully rockered design (no camber underfoot) makes it easy to pivot and smear in forest crud. Still, as playful as it is, it’s no noodle. On-trail, it lays out a clean super-G arc in the 22-meter radius neighborhood. And at 108mm underfoot, you can get it up on edge without dislocating your hip. That width is key to the versatility—when skis get much wider than 108mm, most people are forced to sluff ALL their turns. The 100EIGHT lets you choose between a carve, slarve, or sluff. We tested it in six to eight inches of day-old snow at Snowbird and, “It was the most fun ski out of 18,” said a tester.

Swami gripe: If it’s bottomless and still dumping, you might want a Pure Powder ski, otherwise you’re set.

Swami like: If you live in Salt Lake City, it’s your all mountain ride. For the rest of us, the 100EIGHT is a real-world powder ski.

Overall: 5.0 Sluffability: 4.8 Hard Snow Pleasure: 4.9 Dimensions: 141/108/124

Völkl 100EIGHT


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