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All Mountain Powder Skis 2017: Rossignol Soul 7 HD

30 percent on-trail / 70 percent off-trail

rossignol soul 7 hd

As one of our ski shop employee testers said of the Soul 7 HD: “Anyone who demos this ski will buy it.” That sums up why Rossignol’s madly successful 7 series skis have sold so well. They’re both incredibly user-friendly for a wide range of skiers, and high performance at the same time. With a lightweight honeycomb tip and tail and ample rockering, the 106mm-waisted Soul 7 is arguably the best inbounds tree-skiing ski of all time. You can whip it around in a pivot turn, slash through an alley, and float up and out of the wettest mank with barely a grunt. On open slopes and occasional groomers, we always wished there was a bit more energy and stability in the original Soul 7. That’s where the HD in this version helps. That same open weave Carbon Alloy Matrix that adds pop to the Experience line of skis does so for the 7 series. You don’t notice the power upgrade much in powder. But on open slopes at greater speeds, the Soul 7 HD no longer skitters, and when driven from arc to arc, more dynamic rebound now zips you into the next turn.

Swami gripe: Even with the marked upgrades it’s a powder ski that can carve a little, not the other way around.

Swami like: You can rocket downhill.

Overall: 4.8 Sluffability: 5.0 Hard Snow Pleasure: 4.5 Dimensions: 136/106/126

Rossignol Soul 7 HD


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