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All Mountain Powder Skis 2017: Kästle BMX 105 HP

30 percent on-trail / 70 percent off-trail


One of our testers said the BMX 105 HP performs like a big race ski. That makes sense since Kästle’s HP build means it was pressed and finished in an Austrian race room. Think silver fir instead of poplar, and two sheets of titanal instead of a carbon weave. For once, we (weep for us) didn’t get absolutely buried at our Utah test, and the hard-charging BMX was well suited to the conditions—loose new snow on a hard base. Notably, our bigger and heavier skiers preferred it: “Big line boss!” said a New Mexican with a carne adovada problem. “Charges everything with authority.”

Swami gripe: Lighter skiers might be challenged to keep it in a turn—downsize when you demo it.

Swami like: The ideal customer is a Clydesdale sized charger who likes to let the ski run. It’s nice that there’s a ski for that guy.

Overall: 4.3 Sluffability: 4.2 Hard Snow Pleasure: 4.6 Dimensions: 134/105/123

Kästle BMX 105 HP


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