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All Mountain Powder Skis 2017: Blizzard Cochise

30 percent on-trail / 70 percent off-trail

blizzard cochise

Even with the addition of carbon fiber at the tip and tail of the Cochise, it’s still a hard charger’s powder ski—but it’s now easier to pivot and smear at lower speeds in the trees. That loose feel at slower speeds is also a result of the Cochise’s tapering at the tip and tail: When you can pop the ski free of its edges you don’t feel as though you’re locked into a GS turn when you need to swivel around a trunk. Get it on an open slope with no civilians in front of you, though, and you’ll remember you’re on a Blizzard. Camber and two sheets of metal where it counts boost the power. It’s still no intermediate ski—you have to drive it—but it now fits the category as a true All Mountain Powder ski.

Swami gripe: Not a pure surf/slarv ski, but that’s OK.

Swami like: It holds an edge on boilerplate. “Super strong in the belly of the turn, but crazy easy to initiate,” said a tester.

Overall: 4.5 Sluffability: 4.3 Hard Snow Pleasure: 5.0 Dimensions: 136/108/122

Blizzard Cochise


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