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Deep Winter 2016

skier: KC Deane | photo: Grant Gunderson | location: Mt.Bachelor, OR

skier: KC Deane | photo: Grant Gunderson | location: Mt.Bachelor, OR


Photographer’s Journals

Scott DW Smith takes us on an early season tour of his stomping grounds, the San Juans of Southern Colorado. Plus: A deep dive into Ryan Creary’s Revelstoke playground.

Four High Country Entrepreneurs

Changing sustainable seafood, one T-shirt at a time. Turning consumers into volunteers to keep water fresh. Reviving military materials—and vets—with tough and stylish satchels. Licensed to fight evil, empowered by Millennials.

Mountain’s All-Access Guide to Backcountry Adventure

Seven summits and 30,000 acres from one hut, heli-touring at CMH Adamants Lodge and in the Ruby Mountains, Colorado’s 10th Mountain Division Hut Association, and Nordic thru-skiing in Vermont’s Green Mountains.

Inherently Unstable

The courts weigh in on assumed skier risk at resorts in avalanche country.

The Ski Industry Takes on Dirty Coal

How skiers, resorts, and outdoor industries are working to halt climate change.

One Way to Die in the West

Author Jon Billman reports on the rising number of suicide deaths in the Rockies.

Weed in the High Country

Legalization has impacted small mountain towns for good and for bad.


departments + columns

Mtn Gallery

Sick shots from our favorite photographers.

Mtn Report

Angel Collinson, skiing’s newest homegrown film star. Canada’s Global Mountain Solutions pioneers a new market for mountain guidesSix hopping festivals where the skiing is as good as the banjo jams. Plus: Your winter reading list.

Time Tested Gear

Swami weighs in cold-weather bike tops, nordic and alpine ski gear, winter staples, and must-have one-offs, including a fossil fuel-free stove, fancy food, and some sleep aids. Plus, crossover apparel to take you from the hill to the bar.

Mtn Lodges

Ski hard, sleep deep: Cool places to stay in the high country, including a New Mexican ranch, a Vermont farmhouse turned eco B&B, a century-old Montana hotel, and a California landmark that sits less than 15 miles from a handful of world-class resorts. Plus, three mountain properties and what they sold for.

Mtn Advocate

Olaf Sueters of Gear4Guides builds ski tourism in Kyrgyzstan.

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