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Mountain’s Early Winter Cover

mountain-magazine-early-winter-2011_1The lone skier silhouetted against the sun on the cover of Mountain‘s Early Winter issue prompts more questions than answers: Is it the end of the day, or dawn patrol? Where is he headed?


Photographer Adam Clark puts a few of those questions to rest below. The pages behind Clark’s photo offer more answers about the gear, resorts, and news shaping the season ahead. That “extra chubby” line at the top isn’t just cute copy—this is our biggest issue yet, chock full of photography and storytelling to inspire your adventures this winter. Click on the cover image (left) for more details on what Early Winter brings, and check out special subscription offers here to get the magazine sent to you next week.


This was a classic stormy Whistler pow day in December 2010. Snow, wind, and epic skiing with lots of great skiers. I met up with Matty Richard at the end of the day. He invited me to go for a hike to the top of Blackcomb Peak. He is the master of getting the most skiing out of a single day. I followed up hoping for the evening clear off to maybe get a few shots. At the top the sun peaked out for a few minutes. We snapped a few shots, waited for it to clear. It didn’t, so we skied down.


Matty Richard and I have had some really epic days together in Whistler. We don’t shoot a lot together, but the days we do are always fun and productive. He’s an amazing skier and knows the mountain better than anybody.


I love simple photos. They are easy to read and see what’s going on. This shot just makes me want to be outside with my skis on, whatever the conditions or location. A lot of great days happen without perfect conditions.


Adam Clark is an action sports photographer based in Salt Lake City, Utah. See more of his work at adamclarkphoto.com.

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