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All Mountain Skis 2017: Fischer PRO MTN 95 TI

50 percent off-trail / 50 percent on-trail


Yes, the brand new PRO MTN 95 TI features user-friendly features like carbon fiber tip and tail inserts, a hint of rocker, and a lightweight core complete with air channels. But it’s still an Austrian-made gun. We favored it for eye-watering super-G turns on groomers and chalky wind-blown snow on alpine faces. A milled sheet of titanium keeps it vibration free at full throttle, and a thin profile construction—Fischer calls it Razorshape—keeps the ski from hanging up in unconsolidated snow. The edge-hold is best in class. “It’s an aggressive rocket that absolutely vaporizes manky snow,” said a tester. “Once on edge, it hangs on, no matter how steep or hard the surface.”

Swami gripe: It’s not all that playful in tight trees and crud.

Swami like: It’s confidence inspiring and powerful. Keep it on the open slopes—and steer clear of the speed cops. *Before we prescribe you a PRO MTN, ask your doctor if your heart can handle skiing fast.

Overall: 4.7 Floatation: 4.7 Carving: 4.9 Dimensions: 137/95/122

Fischer PRO MTN 95 TI


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