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Time Tested: Tasc Performance Base Layers Elevation Hoodie

The Tasc Performance base layers are the most comfortable base layers I’ve ever worn.


The Claim: Tasc Performance says their base layers are designed to keep your temperature regulated during brisk winter workouts. The fabrics are odor-resistant, moisture-wicking, and soft; and most importantly, Tasc claims, offer a high warmth to breathability ratio. Tasc’s bamboo performance technology fabrics are sourced from Moso timber bamboo from the Sichuan Province in China. The plant grows quickly without the use of pesticides and is transformed into fabric using solar energy in a factory in India. The base layers feature the proprietary MosoMerino blend, which is 47 percent bamboo viscose, 48 percent merino wool, and 5 percent lycra.

Field Tested: I tested the elevation hoodie and base layer pants while snowboarding at Mammoth Mountain and trail running in the Eastern Sierra. A series of cold snowstorms followed by a warm and sunny high-pressure system offered a range of temperatures for a variety of testing conditions.

Verdict: The Tasc Performance base layers are the most comfortable base layers I’ve ever worn. I was in love with them even before stepping outdoors. They are soft, long, and with the prefect amount of elasticity they hug in all the right places.

The base layer top is available in a crew neck, ¾ zip, or, my favorite, the Elevation Hoodie, which is thin enough to comfortably wear under a helmet. The Hoodie’s long sleeves tuck nicely under a pair of gloves. And even on warmer sunny days it’s nice to start a run feeling cozy.

Notable: Alpinist and Tasc-sponsored athlete Melissa Arnot wore Elevation base layers on her sixth summit of Mount Everest when she became the first American Woman to summit the world’s largest peak without oxygen.

Why It’s Timeless: I’ve been wearing the base layers almost every day for the past three months. They don’t get stinky, and so far show no wear-and-tear.  —Monica Prelle

Tasc Performance Elevation Hoodie


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