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icon-link_1This week, orange cylinders. Next, blue cubes.
The Grid 2.0 is essentially just a longer version of the Grid, the next-generation foam roller we reviewed in the Summer 2010 issue of the magazine. It features the same hollow core and multi-density muscle-massaging knobs that we’ve found do a far better job of loosening up soft tissue than a standard tube of closed cell foam. So why introduce this full-length version? Some exercises are easier to perform with the longer roller (especially the ones involving balancing with the tube parallel to the spine). It’s also a boon to larger folks since their weight is distributed a bit more. We like the 2.0 for the home gym, whereas the original Grid is travel friendly. $64.99; www.tptherapy.com/

The portable light market is flooded with headlamps and mini flashlights these days, but when the Icon LINK showed up at the Mountain offices we were instantly intrigued. The LINK features an industrial-design look and feel, but it’s way more than a beautiful cosmetic product. The aluminum body is dimpled and feels secure in your hand; the “clickie” tail cap is perfectly ergo and switches between power outputs with ease; it only weighs 3.1 ounces and it will run for 70 hours on low power; and the spring loaded carabiner clip is just burly enough that you won’t worry about it getting bounced off your pack. $27.99; myiconlight.com  â€”Marc Peruzzi

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