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Pure Powder Skis 2017: Völkl Confession

You need to keep the gas flowing.

Völkl Confession

Völkl has four fully rockered powder skis in its line from 108mm underfoot to a beastly 124, but the Confession is a departure for the brand. Here, a mix of tip and tail rocker and CAMBER UNDERFOOT (emphasis mine) lets you charge off- trail, stomp on the belly of the ski when conditions are less than bottomless, and explode into the next turn with energy. It’s more than fat enough for all but the heaviest of Sierra glop, but at 117mm, it’s not too wide to power through a turn from tip to tail in the big mountain style.

Swami gripe: It’s not for the lazy powder skier. You need to keep the gas flowing.

Swami like: You need to keep the gas flowing. 

Overall: 4.7 Float: 4.6 Firm Snow Survival: 4.8 Dimensions: 144/117/133

Völkl Confession


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