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Pure Powder Skis 2017: Line Pescado

The Pescado is Eric Pollard's first directional powder ski.

Line Pescado

Pro skier Eric Pollard has been designing powder skis for forward and backward off-trail skiing for years. The Pescado is his first directional powder ski. Clearly, it’s like nothing we’ve tested before. The mounting point is set back so there’s more shovel to float you in deep snow. And the tail is both shortened and swallow-cut, so you can plunge it in and subsequently lift the tip out of heavy and deep snow. Those features, plus an easy and deep flex pattern, make it a hoot in pure powder conditions.

Swami gripe: The Pescado is a specialty ski amongst specialty skis. You wouldn’t want to ride many groomers or resort hardpack on it.

Swami like: “Rolls like a tank over crud,” said a tester. “Easy to mix up the turn shape, too.”

Overall: 4.6 Float: 5.0 Firm Snow Survival: 3.8 Dimensions: 158/125/147

Line Pescado


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