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All Mountain Frontside Skis 2017: Blizzard Quattro RX

Best in test for 75 percent on-trail and 25 percent off-trail.


In Europe, this new line of “Quattro” skis gets co-marketed with the all-wheel drive Audis of the same name. Yes, it’s marketing, but it’s not just hype. Blizzard’s engineers and multigenerational builders in the Austrian mountain town of Mittersal put all of their 72-year heritage into producing this ultra-premium line built to absolutely shred groomed snow—the skiing equivalent of a road rally. The finished product—the launch took many years of R&D for the resurgent brand—is a balance of power, ease of use, and dynamic agility. The power comes from a proven sandwich style construction that stacks layers of wood, carbon fiber, and titanium exactly where you need it for maximum stability and edge penetration. The ease of use arrives courtesy of subtle rocker (the tips and tails are lifted off the snow by just 2mm) and a wide, 84mm platform beneath the feet. And the agility is due to Blizzard’s unique IQ System, which essentially embeds the binding deep into the guts of the ski for instantaneous reaction to skier input—without hampering the natural arc of the ski in a deep turn. So yeah, it’s a racecar. But if that sounds intimidating, it shouldn’t. Our testers in Snowbird, Utah, praised the RX endlessly for its ability to slide a turn at will—or lay one over into a G-force defying arc. The ride is both buttery and fully locked-in depending on how hard you push it. And because it’s relatively plump at 84mm, there’s enough girth here to float turns in third-buckle-deep fresh snow and creamed corn, too.

Swami gripe: No complaints.

Swami like: “The RX defines the top-end category,” said a tester. “You can achieve extreme edge angles—but you can back off, too. I can’t imagine a better build.”

Overall: 5 Turn Shape Variability: 5 Carving: 5 Dimensions: 129/84/113

Blizzard Quattro RX

$1,320 (with bindings)

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