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Marble Distilling Co. and the Distillery Inn

Cool places to stay in the high country.


Overview: The Distillery Inn is an ultra-modern, five-room, self-service style inn that skews luxury. Think gas fireplaces, an immaculate euro-contemporary design, and perhaps the nicest showers any of our crew of bike testers had ever experienced. It’s hands down the coolest and most central place to stay in town. But that’s not even the half of it. The other half is an artisanal, sustainable, familial, vodka distillery with a handle on both flavored liqueurs and mixology. Simply walk downstairs to sample the Marble-Rita—made with the house Gingercello—or The Dude—crafted with Marble’s Moonlight EXpresso.

Notable: The spirits are run over chunks of marble in the filtration process. That marble comes from the nearby quarries in the town of Marble, which supplied the stone that’s now in the columns of the Lincoln Memorial. The grains come from Alamosa. And even the stills are U.S.-made.

Stay Here If: You want to be right in the heart of town with no need to get in the car. And have access to a bartender.

Info: Package rates availalble. marbledistilling.com

From our Early Summer 2016 issue.

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