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Frontside Skis 2015 Winner: Blizzard Brahma

Blizzard Brahma Review
#1 Blizzard Brahma

The perfect frontside ski carves like a racer for those days when groomers are all you have, but the ski can’t limit you when you want to head off the corduroy. The Brahma is close to the perfect frontside ski. As with Blizzard’s fatter offerings, there’s tip rocker and a Flipcore here. On hard snow those features serve to keep the ski forgiving without robbing power—the harder you tip it, the more edge makes contact with the snow. The rocker is vital: A burly 2.5 sheets of metal, powerful vertical sidewalls, and a premium wood core would make this ski hard to handle without it. As is, you can drive Miss Daisy with the kids or go full fast and furious. The lack of an overwrought system style binding (the Brahma is sold flat) equates to better snowfeel off-trail—you can get them to pivot and release. Swami gripe: You still need to get it up to speed to tap the Brahma’s potential. Swami like: The turn radius is listed at 19 meters, but said one tester: “Turn shape variability is the best in class.” Overall: 5 Stability: 5 Turn Shape Variability: 5 Dimensions: 125/88/110; $800; blizzardsportusa.com

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2 Responses to “Frontside Skis 2015 Winner: Blizzard Brahma”

  1. Bob Loblaw

    Answer to the Swami gripe.
    Move the mount forward a wee bit. It takes a demanding charger to an easy charmer with 0.5 to 1.0 cm of movement. This shift will make them more smearable while preserving the best carve to smear abilities in the business.

  2. roberto

    Torn b/w the 173 and 180: 5’9″ 190, advanced intermediate skier 6/7 lvlish. Ski 90% of the time in the midwest with one maybe 2 trips out west. Will the 173 be a better fit for the terrain i mostly ski while being fine when in more difficult terrain when the ski is skied harder? Im getting to know bumps better and maneuverability is something im looking for at the same time being able to enjoy the ski in the 350′ of vertical hills in the midwest. Also im not super agressive skier. Chartwise on several sites my height and weight has me in both in the 173 or 180 and was looking for some direction one size over the other. Thanks for the prompt response.


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