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Gallery: Exum Mountain Guides

Mountain’s editor Marc Peruzzi is reporting a story about Jackson, Wyoming’s Exum Mountain Guides for a Winter 16/17 issue. Here’s a sneak peek, with photos courtesy of Brenton Reagan.


We skied across Jackson Lake with Venus as our waypoint in order to get to Waterfall Canyon in north Teton Park. Lighting up sandwich plate size wolf tracks by headlamp gave me hope for our world. Looking forward to seeing contributing photographer Chris Figenshau’s shots from our lake crossing as well.


On day one—after the 3.5-mile lake crossing—we connected with the Exum crew and toured to Eagle’s Rest with eyes on the couloir at center frame above Exum chief Nat Patridge (center back). I think Adam Fabrikant (center forward) dubbed the line the Eage’s Phallus—although that might be the PC version.


With their clients roped in, the guides were nice enough to let me set half the bootpack. Solid steps, no? After topping out in the saddle notch, we summited Eagle’s Rest (wow) and then skied the chute. Sluffy chalk, but steep. Tough to tell, but I’m calling it 56 degrees up top. The first few turns were controlled free falls.


Exum guides Brenton Reagan, Adam Fabrikant, and Nat Patridge had the camp set up for us. This is The Lair, our dining room and kitchen. The camp, the terrain, and the entire Exum vibe are unique to North America. My screenplay pitch? It’s Chamonix meets The Revenant.


New snow on day two of the Waterfall Canyon camp meant big mountain powder skiing. This is one of the many 2,500 vertical foot shots we found. Skier: Aldo Peterson below Poutine Point—delicious.


Winter camping is rough, but we bit the Bulleit.

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