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Everything Is Broken


Broken bikes, broken chains

Broken helmets, broken brains

Broken treads, broken laces

Broken foam, broken faces

Your gear is broken in nasty places 

Ain’t no use jivin’

Ain’t no use jokin’

Everything is broken

With apologies to Bob Dylan for the ham fisted crib job: Seems like every time you stop and turn around, something else just hit the ground. It’s not that we’re a disposable society. OK, scratch that. But even when we dutifully extend the life of our gear it eventually crumbles. That’s a pretty slick boot I installed on my tubeless tire last night, but how many puncture patches can I accept before the risk of a high-speed front tire blowout and a payment plan at the oral surgeon’s outweigh my cost savings and green tendencies? Is it wise to run your trail shoe soles to flaccidity? What of your meniscus? How many hard falls can a climbing rope take? I don’t want to find out.

Take a deep breath, feel like you’re chokin’

Everything is broken

I attempt to live modestly. (I tried to live simply, but I kept burning my hands on the stove.) I tend to wear out the gear I trust—and quickly downstream the items I find falsehearted. This outlook has me always doing the cold calculus of a shade tree bike mechanic. My mountain bike drivetrain is kaput and my road bike rims have grown thin. Should I replace parts piecemeal? Or sell and buy new? The local eBay gear agent tells me there’s still a big market for used 26-inch wheel mountain bikes in Europe and Asia. Sell! But what to buy? Our first ever Early Summer Gear Guide will help.

Hound dog howling, bullfrog croakin’

Everything is broken  —Marc Peruzzi

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