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The Best of Summer OR, Part One

Six picks from this year's Outdoor Retailer show.

There’s so much new at Summer Outdoor Retailer it’d take weeks, not days, to sift through it. But Swami and his cohort burned tread to see the latest and greatest gear and gadgets. Here’s round one—a smattering of the cohort’s fave items. Swami’s round two up next.


Cotopaxi Intui 2 Tent

The Intui 2 is a solid, two-person, three-season tent with benefits. Pitched alone, it’s a roomy shelter with two vestibules. But it comes with a separate alcove—with a durable nylon floor— that you can snap onto the existing structure. Now you have two rooms in one shelter, divided by a mesh door. Goodbye, the whole family’s crap jumbled together. Hello, one room for adults and one for toddlers. Available April 2017. cotopaxi.com


Eureka Gonzo Grill

My family grills dinner five out of seven nights a week from May through October. Why wouldn’t we do the same while we’re rafting or car camping? With the Gonzo Grill, you get three cook-tops in one: a cast iron grill for trout; a griddle top (opposite side) for ‘jacks; and a 10,000 BTU burner for boiling soup and hot chocolate. It’s a heavy load—14.2 lbs. Hence the need for a car or canoe. Available January 2017. eurekacamping.com


Arc’teryx Bora AR Pack

“Rotoglide” (Rotate + Glide) in this sleek pack creates both side-to-side motion in the hip belt and 1.25 inches of vertical give on a track along the back panel. The result (in theory) is a hauler that allows full lengthening and straightening of your back, and natural hip movement when you’re hiking. We’ll have a full report soon, after trips to the Indian Peaks and Grand Canyon. Available in 2017. arcteryx.com


Hydrapak Trek Kit

The shrink-as-you-drink collapsible Trek Kit includes a 3-liter water container, silicone drink tube, and a pressure activated valve and pour spout. Which means you can drink from it while you hike or mountain bike, and then wash dishes or clean your chain ring at camp. Available in 2017. hydrapak.com


Gregory Amasa Shift RS Bike Pack

Gregory crushes in the backpack category, so it’s no wonder they’d segue into bike packs. The Amasa RS ups the ante with a vertically adjustable hip belt, allowing you to tweak for better comfort on climbs and descents. A breathable foam back panel also aids airflow, keeping your spine region dry. Available in 2017. gregorypacks.com


NemoEscape Pod 1P Bivy, Moonwalk Sleeping Bag, and Apollo 3P Bikepacking Tent

It’s like Nemo peered into my 16-year-old dreams and produced the gear I wanted 25 years ago, now. The Escape Pod 1P is a mosquito net with an inflatable rib that covers just the upper half of your prone body; the Moonwalk has a waterproof, tent-floor fabric bottom; and the Apollo 3P is a floorless, single walled tent just big enough for you and your bike (or two of your buddies). Pack into frame bags or a trailer and vanish. Hello, 16-year-old self. nemoequipment.com

Escape Pod 1P Bivy


Moonwalk Sleeping Bag


Apollo 3P Bikepacking Tent


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