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A Testimonial With Panache

Panache Cyclewear Co Cycling Apparel

On Rob Hudson: Ride Polo Shirt (Lime), $84; Button-Fly Short, $89; Houndstooth Socks (Neon), $15.

For much of modern history, roadies had two choices when picking out bibs and a jersey. The first: generic black shorts and the least stylish top imaginable. The second: a “kit” most likely affiliated with a local race team complete with sponsors like “Dickey’s Bail Bonds” and “Colostrum Cheese Curds.” Panache Cyclewear’s offerings were the first real alternative to the dull and the weird status quo. Their road kits tend to the fashionable without screaming, “My outfit costs more than your new kitchen.” Think simple black and white houndstooth patterns and subtle color blocking. More than that, the Panache crew carries a serious riding pedigree and all their gear performs at World Tour levels.

More recently Panache is making casual ride mountain bike kits. Here too the styling is subdued but the quality is loud. And again, unlike a lot of the mountain bike fashion you see marketed at trail riders, you can actually ride hard in Panache apparel. The overshorts are the lightest and best cut we’ve tried, and the tops are breathable enough for all but the hottest of days.

Here are some outtakes from Mountain’s Fat Tire Test 2015, held last fall in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  —Marc Peruzzi

On Nick Truitt (front): Ride Polo Shirt (Black), $84; Ride Short (Black), $84.

On Nick Truitt (front): Ride Polo Shirt (Black), $84; Ride Short (Black), $84.


On Eric Sorenson: Ride Short (Blue), $84.

On Nick Truitt: Ride Polo Shirt (Black), $84; Ride Short (Black), $84.

On Nick Truitt: Ride Polo Shirt (Black), $84; Ride Short (Black), $84.


On Eric Sorenson: Button-Up Shirt, $99; Button-Fly Short, $89.


On Nick Truitt (right): Ride Polo Shirt (Black), $84; Ride Short (Black), $84.


On Marc Peruzzi (back): Ride T-Shirt, $54.

For more information, visit panachecyclewear.com.

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